Major Airlines Adjust Surfboard Travel Bag Policy

Major Airlines Adjust Surfboard Travel Bag Policy

To be a surfer, is to be a nomad. The eternal yearning for new waves, white sand beaches, and warm water is ingrained into a surfers’ ethos like the bloodlust of a bullfighter. Which makes for countless hours in foreign airports and the necessary evil of surfboard travel bag fees. But luckily, two major airlines have just lightened the burden of bringing boards to faraway lands.

Hawaiian Airlines and Alaska Airlines both recently adjusted their boardbag policies with the consumer in mind. On Alaska, boardbags will now cost $25, so long as it’s under 50 pounds. And on Hawaiian, surfers can now bring as many boards as they want. Again, so long as the bag is less than 50 pounds.

Read the full article including statements from the airlines at

A full list of boardbag charges sorted by airline can also be viewed on Surfline HERE.

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