Name- Austin Young

Birth date-   07/18/91                                               

Birth place- Monterey, CA

Currently calling home- Lake Tahoe, NV

Sponsors- Lakeshore Paddleboard Company, Tahoe Waterman, Pro-Lite, Von Zipper, Tahoe Made Attire, Steller Grips

Free surf or contest- Free Surf!

Favorite spot-    Privates, Santa Cruz           

Best trip- Dogpatch September 2012…So EPIC

Favorite board (Dimensions)-   surfing: 8’5x28x4, racing: 12’6x27x7

Favorite movie-   Out Cold

Favorite Surfer-   Dane Reynolds

In my Ipod- Zeds Dead, A$AP Rocky, Choking Victim, The Expendables

Other than surfing I- Ski and mountain bike on the regular.

Favorite Pro-Lite products-   Distance/Race Sup bag, 8’ Survivor leash, 15’ Survivor tie down straps (seriously saved my butt so many times), traction pads…so comfy.

Trigger Modal