Brisa Hennessy

Born:   September 16, 1999 Costa Rica

Currently Calling Home:   Kailua, Oahua Hawaii

Best/Proudest Result:  Governor’s Cup National Title U18 and winning the Trials to earn the WC into the Bells WSL CT 2016

Magic Carpet: (your best board)   Makani Town and Country HD Mod squash

Best Trip  Lakey Peak in Indonesia because it is the wave of endless possibilities.  It is a perfect right and left and when it is pumping a perfect barrel.  It also has an end section for airs.

Team Rider since 2013

Favorite Wave:   Lakey Peak, Indonesia

5 Travel Necessities for a surf trip: 

1  Magic Makani T&C Surfboard

2  ProLite leashes

3  Wax and Vertra sunscreen

4  Bikini or fave wetsuit

5  ProLite board bag

I dance whenever I hear:   Any song basically ;)

Before a heat I like to:  Stretch, get pumped up with music and watch the waves.

Hit shuffle on your ipod and name the first 3 songs that come up. No cheating, God is watching you: 

Revolution by Beatles and Rather Be by Clean Bandit and Sane Love by Macklemore

Favorite surf/non surf movie:

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100 foot Journey

Biggest Inspiration:  My Grandma Tomi because she has taught me to live this moment and never take anything for granted and as an artist to see the world in a new way.

Favorite Pro Lite Product:  Kid Creature pads and leashes

Trigger Modal