Born: April 2nd 2000 

Currently calling home: Pierpont
Best/proudest result: winning Volcom championships
Magic Carpet: 5'2 Beaver Roberts Surfboards
Best Trip: Hawaii last winter
Team Rider Since: a while ago
Favorite wave: Backdoor
How many pairs of Crocs have you owned in your lifetime?: A lot, but not as many as Micah.
5 Travel necessities for a surf trip: Surfboard, fins, clothes, wax, GIRLS
I dance whenever I hear: classical music
Before a heat I like to: warm up
Hit shuffle on your ipod and name the first 3 songs that come up. No cheating, god is watching:
"do I wanna know" by Arctic Monkeys, "stay, stay, stay" by Taylor Swift, "Friends" by Nas and Damien Marley
Favorite surf/non surf movie: Loaded
Favorite Pro-Lite product: Timmy Reyes Aztec pad
Anything else? Hendo is a kook

BLEACH from Salty Beards on Vimeo.




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