Josh Kerr

Josh Kerr Pro-Lite surf team


Birth date- March 29, 1984

Birth place- Tweed Heads, NSW Australia

Currently calling home- Gold Coast, QLD Australia and San Diego, California

Height- 5'8" (173cm)

Weight- 154 lbs (70kg)

Stance- Regular

Sponsors- Peak Wetsuits, Pro-Lite, Raen Optics, Fish 101, Yokohama Tires

Favorite spot- Secret Reef at home & Indo

Training Ground- Snapper Rocks

Barrels or Airs- Getting barreled is always the best, but certain airs are pretty close.

Magic Board?  Right now, I just want to ride beautiful looking weird outside the box boards.  After all the years on tour, riding the same performance shortboard dimensions, I have really been enjoying riding some twin fins from Mayhem, and some Asymmetrical boards from Album, and even some alternative materials construction.  Really just enjoying the different lines and properties of all kinds of boards right now.  I’m back to having fun again!

Biggest Inspiration: My family, always.

Australia or California?  I’m an Australian always first.  But my wife and kids are American born and raised, so we try and keep a foot on each continent, but eventually I see myself ending up back in Aus.

Favorite Pro Lite Products: The Quick Strike Double Day Bag since it allows me to carry a couple of boards with fins to the beach. I always have a couple boards on me, so I like that the one I choose not to ride stays cool and protected. It also can hold a couple of wide boards as well, so if its small I can load it with a couple of grovelers or fishes.  My signature Micro Dot pad is pretty mental as well!

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