Keanu Taylor

Born: on Maui 7/24/04     

Currently calling home: Maui. 
Best/proudest result: winning nssa regionals
Magic carpet (your best board) tokoro sm1.
Best trip: Salina Cruz .
Team rider since ? May 2016.
Favorite wave : honolua.
5 travel necessities for a surf trip.
1 surfboards.
2 phone.
3 board shorts.
4 sunblock.
5 wetsuit.
I dance whenever I hear : shell shocked.
Before a heat I like to: go stretch
Hit shuffle on your iPod and name the first 3 songs that come up.  No cheating, God is watching you:
1. u mad Kanye west,  2. ain't no time future,  3. stick talk future. 
Favorite surf/ non surf movie: cluster and step brothers. 
Biggest inspiration: Dusty Payne
Favorite pro-Lite product: josh Kerr pad


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