Birth date- 12/21/98

Currently calling home- Ventura, CA

Best/Proudest result: This year at Westerns, 2nd explorer mens/juniors, 4th open Juniors and open mens semis.

Magic Carpet: My J7 Whatever, 5'7 by something by something.

Best Trip: Nicaragua summer 2K13

Team Rider Since: 2012

Favorite Wave: Don't Trip

How Many pairs of Crocs have you owned in your lifetime? A lot.

5 Travel necessities for a surf trip: 5 giant jugs of Nutella.

I dance whenever I hear: Beyonce

Before a heat I like to: Twerk it.

Hit shuffle on your ipod and name the first 3 songs that come up. Don't lie, God is watching:

Battle Finale, Iron Man 3 - Streetlight Manifesto, Pear Sergio - Kid Cudi, Persuit of Happiness.

Favorite surf/non surf movie: Blue Crush 2

Favorite Surfer: Josh Kerr

Favorite Pro-Lite product-Keanu Asing's Signature Micro-Dot pad.

Anything else? Swag with a little YOLO.



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