Born: 05/04/1990

Currently Calling Home: Gold Coast, Australia

Best/Proudest Result: Qualifying for the World Tour

Magic Carpet: 6'0 DHD DX1

Best Trip: Japan trip for Reef this year. We spent 7 days in Tokyo city experiencing everything the city had to throw at us.

Team Rider since? 2014 woo!!


Favorite Wave: Snapper Rocks

5 Travel Necessities for a surf trip: My pocket knife, Suncream, Laptop, Surfing Equipment, Positive Attitude.

I dance whenever I hear: Any form of House music.

Before a heat I like to: Go away from anyone and not talk to anyone.

Hit shuffle on your ipod and name the first 3 songs that come up. No cheating, God is watching:

 Centre of the Sun - Eprom, Howling - Ame, Claire De Lune - Flight Facilities

Favorite surf/non surf movie: Strange Rumblings / Anything Sci Fi

Biggest Inspiration: LeBron James

Favorite Pro Lite Product: My signature pad and the 1/2/3 Convertible Travel bag.

Anything Else? Don’t be a peanut and try and do as much cool shit in life before you die.


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