Samantha Sibley

Pro-Lite team rider Samantha Sibley.

Born: 5/5/02

Currently Calling Home: San Clemente

Best/Proudest Result: Making double finals at USA Championships

Magic Carpet: (your best board) 5'3 Byrne "The Gromotron"

Best Trip: My trip to Rote Indonesia with Waterways

Team Rider Since? 2015

Favorite Wave: Lowers

5 Travel Necessities for a surf trip:

1. Pro-Lite Smuggler bag.

2. Pro-Lite leash

3. Sun Bum facestick

4. Bikini

5. Surfboard

I dance whenever I hear: Needed Me by Rhianna

Before a heat I like to: Go get in the zone

Hit shuffle on your ipod and name the first 3 songs that come up. No cheating God is watching you: Bad Blood, Desperado, Paper Planes

Favorite surf/non surf movie: Leave a message Nike 6.0

Biggest Inspiration: Jesus

Favorite Pro-Lite product: Smuggler Bag


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